A   D A
[Verse 1]
A                          F#m    Asus4  E
My gift to you will be the waking nights
F#m         E            D
Don't wanna talk about it
A                           F#m    Esus4  E
The ceiling moves before my aching eyes
F#m            A        D
I'll watch the phone sit still
[Chorus 1]
D                   F#m D E
Sick of waiting for bad   news
                F#m D E
Am I waiting to lose  you?
        F#m  A   Bm
Waiting for bad news
[Verse 2]
I'll grind my teeth down 
       F#m     Esus4  E   F#m
to the nerves again
           A            D
As long as you are breathing
A                            F#m  Esus4  E
I've made my bed, now sit down
F#m     A               D     Bm
You get used to feeling  mad
[Chorus 2]
Bm              Dmaj7
Move away, I am over you
I've opened my eyes
And the best of my mind fell on through
I am always the captive
When will I play the good cop?
Lord knows I need the practice
Sick of swallowing full stops
Now the system is failing
I'm so tired of waiting
    F#m E     
For bad news
D   E Bm  F#m
D   E   F#m
A  D
D    E    F#m   D
I'll lie awake
    E    F#m   A     D
For you again, father
     E       F#m   D
I'll lose my teeth
     E     F#m    A      D
What use is sleep anyway?
     E       F#m  D
I'll brace myself
   E     F#m  A  D
To be in hell
     E        F#m  Dmaj7
I'll fail the test
     Bm     F#m
Love you to death
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