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Bedtime Story Chords

[Verse 1]
   A#             Am
Because you never meant it when you
said that it’s alright
  A#              Am             G
Because it wasn’t really ever what I had in mind
       Dm         G
The damages are clear; he takes the
Dm        F        Am
pain, I take the fear
                Dm           E7
Oh, what’s the devil but a good
          Am Am7
[Verse 2]
   A#              Am              G
Because I always meant it when I said it would go wrong
  A#                Am
Because I always thought my life would
be a sad song
       Dm       G
The future’s conveyed, you know the
 Dm     F          Am
chord before it’s played
           Dm       E7          Am  Am7
Oh, what am I but a bad story teller?
[Verse 3]
      A#                  Am
And when the nights are cold and
strange and all the birds are gone
    A#                   Am
And all the oil’s been spilt, and left
us on this Earth alone
       Dm              G         Dm
I'll think about the time you reassured
    F        Am
me you were mine
              Dm          E7
Oh, what is love but a frail little
           Am  Am7
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