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Blonde Chords

Capo: 2nd fret
Key: A

            G                  D
baby if you thought that i was trouble
              Am                 C
then ur gonna hate what’s coming next
              G                   D
kinda like ur worst nightmare but double
           Am                 C
is that an angel, no, it’s ur ex
               G                       D
remember how u screwed up when i was a brunette
               Am                   C
i dont think u knew just what you’d done
  Em             D            Am
woah, i’ll fck ur life up as a blonde
i’ll fck ur life up as a blonde
G            D                             Am
nothing more frightening than a women scorned
and a box of bleach
G                      D                    Am
you said i’d never change, i bet u never thought
i’d go so extreme

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