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Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Chords

| D  Bm  G  A
| D  Bm  G  A  D
D          Bm    G       A     
Come thou long-expected Jesus, 
 D      Bm      G - A  - D
Born to set thy people free
D         Bm        G     A         
From our sins and fears release us; 
D       Bm       G - A   D
let us find our rest in thee.
D                     G            
Israel’s strength and consolation, 
D              Bm          A
Hope of all the earth thou art,
D    D/C#         Bm     A   
Dear desire of ev’ry nation, 
   G     D/F#    Em     D
joy of every longing heart.
[Verse 2]
D      Bm        G       A         
Joy to those who long to see thee, 
D         Bm      G  -   A - D
Dayspring from on high, appear;
D          Bm       G      A      
Come, thou promised Rod of Jesse, 
D      Bm        G - A    D
of Thy birth we long to hear!
D                  G              D     
O’er the hills the angels singing news, 
            Bm      A
Glad tidings of a birth
D      D/C#          Bm     A      
“Go to him, your praises bringing; 
    G        D/F#      Em       D
Christ the Lord has come to Earth.”
[Verse 3]
D        Bm       G        A        
Come to earth to taste our sadness, 
D        Bm      G -  A    D
He whose glories knew no end;
D      Bm      G          A        
by His life He brings us gladness, 
D     Bm      G - A      D
Our redeemer, Shepherd, Friend. 
D               G              
Leaving riches without number, 
D              Bm      A
born within a cattle stall;
D        D/C#    Bm        A 
This the everlasting wonder, 
     G        D/F#     Em       D
Christ was born the Lord of all!
[Verse 4]
D        Bm     G    A      
Born thy people to deliver, 
 D     Bm        G - A   D
Born a child and yet a king
D       Bm       G     A      
born to reign in us forever,  
D        Bm      G - A    D
Now thy gracious kingdom bring.
D             G              
By thine own eternal spirit; 
D               Bm      A
rule in all our hearts alone
D        D/C#     Bm        A  
By thine all sufficient merit, 
    G       D/F#     Em      D
Raise us to thy glorious throne

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