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Compos Mentis Chords

G  D (x8)
[Verse 1]
G      D       G            D
Waking up under a sheet of tarp
G     D       G            D
down at the abandoned junkyard
G      D            G          D
Stray dogs sniffing 'round my socks
        G          D            G       D
Chubby rain soaking heavy like cinder blocks
Em                               (G)
  Compos Mentis got the better of me
G  D (x4)
  Imagination keeps me company
[Verse 2]
G          D           G          D
Thank you dirty mattress for the bed and breakfast
G                D        G           D
But there ain't room for two on this pavement
Em                             G    D
Sights set on the horizon abreast
I must continue on my quest
G  D (x4)
[Verse 3]
G    D    G       D
Stardust garbage carcass
G          D      G       D
Thought I was a spectre presence
G              D    G                D
'Til I ran the red, almost caused a near collision
G      D             G              D
Won't someone please acknowledge my existence
Em                              G
Compos Mentis got the better of me, one time too many
Em                          G      
Imagination's on a winning streak, 
           A                       D
with flying colours, you're passing by
[Verse 4]
D       A              Em
Compos Mentis who controls my mind
D       A              Em
Compos Mentis who controls my mind
    G        Em          D
I'm no one's apple of the eye
D               Em                     F#m
The lonely twin brother to the golden child
                      G                      D
They put me in this trash and left me here to die
       A                 Em       G     A       D
Compos Mentis oh help me find my guardian of the night
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