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Greed Chords

[Verse 1]
Gmaj7        C7#11
Well, I know
         Bm9 E9 E7b9
What is rare
        Am7 Ammaj7           Am7* D7sus4 D7
Only raaaaare ly   lasts for-ever
Gmaj7          C7#11
And there’s no
            Bm9 E9 E7b9
Place like home
           Am7               D13 D7b9  Gmaj7
Like this place that we’ve found          together
C6 Cm7 Cm6
And so it is
     Bm9     E7#9 E7b9
So I won’t resist
      Am7            D13 D7b13         Dm11  G13 G7b13
We’ll only miss violets    till the roses grow
        C7#11  Cm9 Cm6
Well, I dare not defy
       Bm7                          Bb13 Bb7
This world that comes and goes
           Am7        D13 D7b13
But I’d rather you stay
[Verse 2]
             Gmaj7  C7#11
And these words
Bm9 E9 E7b9
Couldn’t hold
        Am7 Ammaj7            Am7* D7sus4 D7
Who you are or what you mean to me
         Gmaj7 C7#11          Bm7 Bb13
For the moment             I know
        Am7                 D13     Gmaj7
There’s nothing quite like you to me
Gmaj7 C7#11 Bm7 E7b9 E7 Am Ammaj7 Am7 D7sus4 D7
Gmaj7 C7#11 Bm7 Bbmaj7 Am7 D7 Gmaj7
So be free
F13         Bbmaj9
But be mine.
    Bbm9   Eb13    Abmaj7
And with time, I’ve come to find
      Am7           D13 D9   Bm7 Bdim7        E7#9 E7b9
My greed just might be the   end        of     me
How lovely you are
             D13 D7#11
How lovely you are
[Verse 3]
Gmaj7  C7#11
Well, I know
Bm7 E7sus4 E7b9
What remains
           Am7 Ammaj7   Am7*  D7sus4  D7
And I’ve wondered this   fore-ver
         Gmaj7   C7#11               Bm7   E7#9  E7b9
If that truth              stays the same
             Am7           D13  D7b13
Let’s be true, you and I
Dm7         E7#9 E7b9           Am7 D9  D7b9
     You and I    
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