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I Threw It All Away Chords

A   Dm   C  Em  F  C   G   C
C      Am       F     C
I once held her in my arms,
             Am           F   G
She said she would always stay.
A         Dm    C 
But I was cruel,  
                     F   C
I treated her like a fool,
F               C  F
I threw it all away.
C          Am        
Once I had mountains 
F                 C
in the palm of my hand,
                    Am            F  G
And rivers that ran through ev'ry day.
A                Dm   
I must have been mad, 
        C           F   C
I never knew what I had,
        F             C  F
Until I threw it all away.
Love is all there is,
   C                   Am
It makes the world go 'round,
F             G                   A
Love and only love, it can't be denied.
F                  G
No matter what you think about it,
You just won't be able 
to do without it.
Bb                        F    G
Take a tip from one who's tried.
C         Am          F     
So if you find someone that 
gives you all of her love.
Take it to your heart, 
Am           F    G
don't let it stray.
A                    Dm       
For one thing that's certain, 
         C           F
you will surely be a-hurtin'
C               F    C   F C
If you throw it all away.
                G7   C
If you throw it all away.
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