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Life As It Comes Chords

D Bm D Bm
D                   Bm          D     Bm
    Everybody needs this kinda love
D                            G         
    Only to taste and not to fall back 
     A            D
onto some kind of evil
Bm             G                 D
    A love so light, I wouldn't notice
            G                  D        Bm
A love so light, I wouldn't believe it
And all this got me thinking
A                                 Bm          F#m
    Until all this fades out and time catches up to me
D                     E
Blurs up my mind and tires me out
I'll make the most of it all
                            D      Bm
I wouldn't have it any other way
D Bm
D               Bm
 No mask on, no cover
D                    Bm
   All clear, like a clueless lover
D                   Bm
 Guess faking's absurd
Wouldn't waste up my words
                        D      Bm
Just to cut through the herd
G                                                D
Just to play the part in your Hollywood scripted picture
Bm           G                  D
    It's my life, and I'm going my way
Bm           G               D         Bm
    It's my life, I'll do it my way
And all I'm tryna get to is
     Make it worth your while
  Bm               F#m          D
And don't go take this for granted
       E                       Bm
Life's too short to be missing out
                           F#m               D
So take the rise, take the fall, or take it all
Take life as it comes, brother
'Cause no one else will live it for you
D Bm E
Bm D E
Bm D E7
Bm    D               E
          Yea, no one else
              G       D
Will live it for you, mm
Bm D Bm F#m D E
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