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The Garden Chords

Em             G                    D
It's late July, crowds roll by your town.
Your garden is grown.
Blackbird is seen, from the highest tree,
       D                         Em
Of the stone-bridge leads to the road.
     C                      G
Your daddy is cryin', 'cause mother, she's dyin',
         D                         Em
Ain't no cancer, that eats at your soul,
        C                  G
And I'm off to the war, to make damn sure
           D                    Em
They don't come 'round here, no more.
Em                      G
Daddy, all right, tells our mother tonight,
            D                        Em
"I'm just a garden that grows on the lawn."
Em                                G
The sweet breeze don't blow, like it does back home.
       D                                    Em
'Cause we're ain't nothin' but bastards and boys.
C                               G
Son now, all right, your mother died here tonight,
       D                          Em
In the garden, the blackbird does fly.
C              G
Spoke of Ohio, a cold, breezy dawn,
      D                          Em
And a son that's fightin' in the war.
[Harmonica Solo]
Em G D Em
Em G D Em
C  G D Em
C  G D Em
Em                           G
Ain't no exit I see, from this black where I breathe
        D                           Em
And the garden, is a thousand miles gone.
Em                       G
Mother just died, with a heart dark as mine,
       D                          Em
Of the stone-bridge, leads to the road.
C                         G
Daddy's done cryin', 'cause mother's done dyin'.
        D                     Em
Oh, the cancer, has eaten her whole.
        C                  G
But I'm stuck in this war, to make damn sure
           D                D
They don't come, they don't come...
          C                      G
Where the blackbird sang and now lives at her grave.
        D                       Em
And the garden has grown itself dry.
     C                        G
If I ever get home, from this terror I've known,
          D                 D
Go to the garden, go to the garden,
And I'll wait there to die.

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