[Verse 1]
     F                  C7
When you've grown up my dears
     F            C7
And are as old as I
       F            Dm
You'll often ponder on the years
     G7              C9
That roll so swiftly by my dears
     F        G7    C
That roll so swifty by.
    Ab7          Db
And of the many lands
     Bb7                 Eb
You will have journeyed through
       C7     F    F7  D7      Gm
You'll oft re-call The best of all
              C7    Gm7  C9  C7
The land your child-hood knew...

Your childhood knew
F        Fmaj7
Toyland  Toyland
Bb     C7       F
Little Girl and Boy land
          Bb         F
While you dwell with-in it
        G7         C7
You are ever happy then 
F          Fmaj7
Childhood's Joyland
Bb     C7     F
Mystic merry Toyland
Dm       G7       F       D7
Once you pass its borders you
    Gm7      C7    F
Can never return again.
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