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What More Can I Say Chords

Tuned to Drop C: C-G-C-F-A-D
   C  F  D  A  Eb Ab Ebdim
C F      D              C   F
  Hey it happened suddenly
  D            C   F
I wonder how I may
D              C   F D
I know that it may be
[Verse 1]
C A C Eb F Ab
C      A
Here I come
C        Eb
Watch me someday
F                  Ab    C
And I'll know, the day before
    A  C      Eb  F
And I, better say it
            Ab                  C
And I know, force me before I'm high
     A  C      Eb       F
Like I, always say your lies
           Ab             C    A
And I know that I need to grow
D              C
  What are you waiting for?
D             C F
  To tell me, I know
D          C F
  Get on a rail
D                C F
  One more other day
D                 C F
  What am I doing here?
What am i ever...?
Db C F D
C  F D Ebdim
C  F D Ebdim
C  F D
[Verse 2]
C      A     C      Eb
It's a cause for my seed
     F                Ab                C
It's such a beautiful highness before I fall
   A        C       Eb
If so, it's from my breathe
F            Ab            C
And I got my beauty in the head
      A      C            Eb
And I got, I got my breeze
F            Ab                  C     F
And I got to find this before it blows
D                 C F
  What more can I say?
D             C  F
Never said my name
D            C  F
Never met my enemy
D              Eb F C F
Never said I'm 
D             C  F
Never said my name
D            C  F   D
Never met my enemy
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