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You Never Give Me Your Money Chords

Am7  Dm7   G  C
Fmaj7 Dm6  E  Am
Am7                    Dm7
You never give me your money,
G                     C
You only give me your funny paper
Fmaj7                  Dm6 E
And in the middle of negotiations,
You break down
Am7                 Dm7
I never give you my number,
G                  C
I only give you my situation,
Fmaj7                  Dm6  E
And in the middle of investigation,
  Am        Am7  G
I break down
C               E7
Out of college, money spent
Am             C7
See no future, pay no rent
F               G                C  C7
All the money's gone, nowhere to go
C          E7
Any jobber got the sack,
Am              C7
Monday morning, turning back,
F            G                C  C7
Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go.
    Bb            F
But oh that magic feeling:
F          C
Nowhere to go
Bb             F
Oh, that magic feeling,
F          C
Nowhere to go, nowhere to go
| Bb | F | C | Bb | F | C | Bb | F |
| C | D7 | Eb G7 | C A7 | Eb C7 

| F# Eb7 | A   F# G G# |
A           B7
  One sweet dream:
Pick up the bags,
E7         A7
Get in the limousine
Dm7            G7
Soon we'll be away from here,
Dm7                 G7              A
Step on the gas and wipe that tear away
          B7         Cmaj7  G
One sweet dream come true,
  A         C   G  A
Today, came true today
C             G
One two three four five six seven
All good children go to heaven...  5x
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