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Arrested By Grace Chords

Intro: E F#m B    A
Verse 1
E                      C#m
Stuck in the mire of a standard too high 
                   A      C#m       B
Best efforts have left me weary and dry
E                             C#m
From trying to trusting, the weight is released
                A          C#m          B
The cross I am bearing You carried for me
Instrumental: E  F#m  B  A
Verse 2
E                           C#m
Caught in the crossfire, confusion and doubt
                     A        C#m          B
Entrenched in this trial, too weak to dig out 
E                             C#m
Redemption came running, with righteous decree
                 A              C#m       B             A
?I finished the work, Child, so fall into Me? fall into Me? 
            E      B                 C#m     A
You call me Worthy, shame flooded by Mercy?s seat
            E   B                C#m      A
Forever forgiven, a new Life has risen in me 
              E    B               C#m      A
Righteous and Holy, sin always and fully erased
           E      B              C#m  B    A
Beloved, Accepted, my fall was arrested by Grace
(A) B       E/G#     A
Adopted by Perfection
(F#m) B           C#m
You rejected my rejection
(A)    B     E/G#  C#m  -  B  -  A        B
Made whole by resurrection?I?m Yours, I?m Yours
(A) B        E/G#        A
You did what I wasn?t able
(F#m)  B    C#m
Your child, here at Your table
(A)  B      E/G#    C#m - B - A            B
My heart is truly grateful? I?m Yours, I?m Yours
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