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Ashes And Flames Chords

‣ John Mark McMillan
Verse 1
D                     G
You and I meet on the shores of the broken
D                                   Bm7
You swallow the ocean, I swallow my pride
D               G
Only to see the way that I need You
   D                       Bm7
Is more than I knew I ever could
Chorus 1
A7sus4                         Em7
In between the ashes and the flames
     A7sus                                Em7
Is a cry an awkward silence could never contain
And the falling of my hammers and the writhing of my pain
   G                                                  D        G
Is just not as real as the way that You're calling my name
Verse 2
I can't help thinking that the way that You want me
And the ghost that haunts me are one and the same
Cause you stand at my window at night while I'm sleeping
There's not a promise I'm keeping that could ever repay You
Chorus 2
A7sus4                         Em7
In between the ashes and the flames
          A7sus4                                Em7
There's a song that burns brighter than radio waves
About the remnants of my idols and the shadow of my shame
About how they scatter like the rain and I can't stop crying
Cause You won't stop calling my name
           Bm7                D                Em7
Calling my name,  calling my name, up from the ashes
Outro (end on D)
D - Bm7 - D4 - Em7

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