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Baruch Haba Adonai Chords

    Am     D   G  D     Em
 Baruch Haba, Beshem Adonai,
Am         D       G  E
Blessed is He who comes.
Am      D     G    D     Em
Baruch Haba, Beshem Adonai
      Am           Bm         C
who comes in the name of the Lord.
 D    Em     Am     C   D        Em
Now arise O Lord, come to your resting place
C            D           Am     F#m     B
You and the Ark of your might.
Am              D
Then we shall rejoice,
           G     D          Em
as we're clothed with your righteousness,
     Am       Bm    C
and celebrate aloud.
(at end, close with:)
   C    D     Em
 Come, come, come...
  C    D     E
come, come, come

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