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Cane Chords

Intro :
        E       A    E
Perawan Betawi, cantiknye alami
Kaye ratu mimpi...iii
Am      E
Cane... Cane...
D           E       D        E
Emang di kampungnye diele kembangnye
D             E   D         E
He banyak perjake tergile gile
A  E    A   E
Cane... Cane...
Coda : E F#m B#m F#m
       E D B A B D E E E E E
E                  A                 E   Bm A E
Kalau dandan nggak perne lepas kudungan
E              A                E
Kalau jalan matenye nggak jelalatan
A           E         A          E
Cantik parasnye, Cane kagak ketulungan
A          E         A         E
Budi basenye, Cane penuh kesopanan

Tags: chords, guitar, kunci, gitar, mudah, gampang, Rhoma Irama, kord, lirik lagu

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