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Colour Me Life Chords

 F                 Gm
I’m coming, directly for yah,
(Repeat 4x)
[Verse 1]
F                           Gm
What ever you want girl, (I’ve got it)
What ever you need girl, (I’ve got it for you)
Bb                      C
Cause, its all rite when your feeling low,
Yes its all rite honey don’t let go,
Yes it’s all rite,
[Verse 2]
     F                        Gm
What ever you missing, (I'm coming..) I’ll find it...
 What ever you wishing, (I'm coming..) I’ll make it come true,
cause its all right when you're feeling low,
yes its all rite honey don't let go,
yes its all rite
You know you color me life,
You color me thinking,
   Gm              C/ Bb
Color them cool,
And if your feeling all rite,
Then why are we waiting,
  Gm          C/ Bb
Color them cool bet you're no fool,
[Verse 3]       F    Gm
What ever you drinking, (I’ll buy it)
What  ever you thinking, (I’m thinking it too)
Bb                     C
Cause its all rite, when you're feeling low..
cause its all rite, honey don't let go...
yes its all rite...
[Verse 4]
When ever you leaving, (I'm coming..) I’ll follow
Just give me the reason, (I'm coming..)I’m rite there with you
[Instrumental]    Dm - A - Dm - A - Gm - Am
   Dm          Am            Dm                  Am
I'm Coming....  Ohh...ohh  yes  I'm coming...ohh  ohh
   Dm            Am             Gm        C/Bb
we're all coming... ohh... ohh.. Color them cool....  
  F                 Gm
I’m comin directly for yah,
(repeat 4*)

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