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Crystal Ship Chords

Capo: 1st fret

[Verse 1]
Be-fore you
Em          D
Slip into unconsciousness
    A             F
I'd like to have another kiss
 E      A        B   A
Another flashing cha-ance
   E       D      E      D      E   C
At bliss, another kiss, another kiss
G D   Bm B   B  
[Verse 2]
    Em                  D
The days are bright and filled with pain
  A                F
Enclose me in your gentle rain
    E        A       B  A
The time you ran was too-oo
  E           D     E           D     E   E
Insane, we'll meet again, we'll meet again
Em   D   Em   D   Em C   G D   Bm B   B  
[Verse 3]
   Em                 D
So tell me where your freedom lies
    A                       F
The streets are fields that never die
  E     A       B   A
Deliver me from rea-sons
E          D      E        D      E  E
Why, you'd rather cry, I'd rather fly
[Verse 4]
    Em              D
The crystal ship is being filled
  A                 F
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
  E       A       B   A
A million ways to spe-end
     E          D      E          D      E   Em E
Your time, when we get back, I'll drop a line    
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