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Darkness Fades Chords

G | G | G | G |
[Verse 1]
  G   Em
   C          G
Sleep tonight
      C         G    Em
Hold hands all night
[Verse 2]
              C                 G
It's been a while since I held you close
Em                    C       G
Been a while since we've touched
Em              C   G
All the doors close
[Verse 3]
       Em       C
I've seen the fall
              G  Em
I've seen you undone
             C        G
Been writing on the dust
         Em         C
I'm hearing stars fall
                 G   Em  C
Keeping what at bay?
            G  Em
Here, I'm standing
        C G
Partly he-ere
         Em                C
Here, I stare around the room
            G   Em  C
Pray home the---ey
[Verse 4]
G           Em       C
I'm looking at our grass
I'm struggling for words
Em           C       G
I'm dreaming of a place
          Em        C
I held close in a state
          G Em
Darkness fa-ades
The nights are now
         G     Em
Better stay, light
I'm looking for a way
Darkness fades
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