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[Verse 1]
Dm                  C           F
  Breathing gets so hard for me now
      F                            Dm
We're speedin' up and slowin' back down
When did breathing get so hard 
under the moonlight?
  If you're hearing this, 
  C                F
I hope that you're proud
Can't even count how many times 
I've let you down
                    C                    F
If there's a God or there's a sign, it's time
That you said hello
    G                                 F
And oh, my love, you bring me back to   default
The more I spill it out
                          F            A
You bring me down to such a deep hole, honey
Dm                     C       F
  I know, I know, this must be   

coming for me
Dm                    C       F
  I swear, I swear, I will be   

the end of me, the еnd of me
Dm                      C       F 
  You take, you take еvery last   
drop from me
Dm                    C  F
  I fear this will be      

the death of me, the death of me    
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