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For All We Know Chords

Key: A
Capo: 2nd fret

[Verse 1]
    G       E    Am
For all we know
                    D     G
We may never meet again
Before you go
          Am             C    D
Make this moment sweet again
[Verse 2]
Bm              Em
We won't say goodnight
Am         C           Bm
Until the last minute
Em              Am
I'll hold out my hand
           Bm          C    D
And my heart will be in it
[Verse 3]
    G       E    Am
For all we know
                    D     G
This may only be a dream
We come and we go
          Am            C     D
Like the ripples of a stream
[Verse 4]
        G             F#
So love me, love me tonight
B                     E
tomorrow was made for some
Am                   C
tomorrow may never come
D           G
for all we know         
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