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Forgiven And Redeemed Chords

[Verse 1]
Em       C         G              D
My sins My shame, You took it all away
         Em     C               D
and I'm wholly covered in your love
Em        C            G             D
You gave, You paid and sacrificed it all
         Em            C            D
Lord you saved me and I'm alive in you
C               G      D
You brought me out of darkness
Em                   C
into Your open arms
    G                  D
I'm holding onto your promise
    Em          C
now I belong to you
G             D
Forgiven and redeemed
      Em                C
Your death and life has set me free
I delight in 
      D           C
your everlasting love(wo-ah)
G                    D
Overwhelmed by your, amazing grace
I can't, help but you give you 
my praise oh God
     Em   D              C
all Ho---pe is found in you
[Verse 2]
Em       C       
Fallen, Broken, 
    G              D
but perfect is your strength
         Em         C          D
and you hold me, so I can overcome
Em        C          
Lead me, completely, 
   G               D
I walk with you my God
        Em           C           D
I surrender, For following Your call
Found in You
Em         C
Jesus I am found
Free in You
Em          C
Jesus I am free
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