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Fuyunohanashi Chords

Capo 5(key: F)

F G E Am
Em Am
E Dm Am
Dm7 Em Am
Dm G
[Verse 1]
C           E7                     
Can light, break this greyish haze 
and melt away
Em7                               F
The snow that freezes over every day?
The chill won't let me 
shake the ghost of you
                  C                F
Hey, so won't you tell me what to do?
          D                    G      E
Before I lose myself, holding on to you?
If all you left is all I have
Em                   Am
I'm holding nothing in my hands
   Dm7          G
I reminisce on broken strings
Your fall into eternity
There's no goodbye for you and I
      Em    E7      Am
This empty feeling at my side
Dm         G         C
Is always here with me
C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7
F Fm F Fm
[Verse 2]
C          E             
It's like I cast a spell 
I don't know how to break
 Em7                               F
A curse I can't forgive and can't erase
Fm                                    Dm
I live with my mistakes that cost me you
Hey, so won't you tell me what to say?
                F       D
You won't come back to me
            G         E
When I cry out your name
F E7 Am Em
Dm7 G7

My tears are freezing as I cry
Beneath a winter's morning sky
           Dm                E
Calloused fingers gripping tight
       Am7             C
To the mess you left behind
            F             G    
We've never been apart I know, 
            E             Am
and now it ends with me alone
      Dm             G       C    E
As I turn the final page, you go
If all of you is all I'm left
    E7            Am
I promise that I won't forget
     Dm7             G
I'll see you in the light of dawn
     C               E7
The day I'm finally moving on
         F             G
There's no goodbye for you and I
        E7                Am
You're somewhere watching at my side
        Dm7   G
You're always here with me
F G E Am
E Am
Am7 E7 Dm Am
Dm7 Dm Am
Dm G
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