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Government Personnel Chords

‣ Tesla
[Verse 1]
Go straight to hell
D             Am        D
All you government personnel
        Am     D
Sittin' awf'ly well
        Am   D                     G
In your big, white house up on the hill
[Verse 2]
Am                     D
You say now, give me a home
Where the buffalo roam
D              Am
Where the deer and antelope play
D                   Am               D    G
You can bet your ass we'll blow them all away
Em                    A
Fuck it up until it's bent
Em                  A
Then a-wonder where it went
Em                        A            Em
Thinkin' you was a-heaven sent, ha ha ha
       A                 D  Am  D  Am  D
You're nothin' but hell!
Am             D    Am D G
Go straight to hell
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