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Homura Chords

(from "Demon Slayer")

Capo: 1st fret

Am G F C
Am G F C
[Verse 1]
Goodbye for now
I thank you loud
         G            C     G/B
From the bottom of my heart
         Am                F
There is so much more than sadness
        G              C     G/B
There's more than this grief
And when I left
I hope at best
  G             C   G/B
I managed to convey
        Am                 F
That in time the pain will turn to warmth
      G           Am
As we go separate ways
Am    G      F                    F                 Em
I had always thought that what we had would last forever
    Am           B7              E      Am    G
Within my mind I painted out our days together
        Fm          Fm
Calling out to your heart (calling out to your heart)
         Gm            Gm
Like two lights in the dark (like two lights in the dark)
       Ab         Adim
To the fire in my soul
     Bb         G/B
Keep burning on
When our fates align
We will meet again
            A           D     A/C#
It'll be a journey set ablaze
       Bm            G
I keep having to let go of your hand
A                Bbdim
For our future's sake
I'll remember you
Every time the light
Shines upon a dream
I'll watch it come true
G             F#m     Bm
Tears falling from my eyes
        C#dim            Bm  A
Wishing to be strong for you
        G             A         Bm  A G D
There's resolve woven in my goodbye
Am G F C C C
[Verse 2]
These memories
They capture me
     G                C   G/B
With nostalgia of the past
      Am            F
Every ocean in this cruel world
   G              C     G/B
Is filled with my tears
Although I know
The more I grow
    G            C   G/B
The pain it will too
        Am              F
I don't want to lose anything again
The way I did with you
Am   G      F
If I gave into the darkness
F                    Em
And the grief that's haunting me
      Am               B7
Would that end all the pain I feel
    E             Am       G
And save what's remaining?
          Fm         Fm
It's your words echoing (it's your words echoing)
         Gm         Gm
All your wishes and dreams (all your wishes and dreams)
I will not forsake them
Adim           Bb      Bdim
I'll keep them safe, I swear
Dm Bb C F C/E
Dm Bb C F C/E
         Dm             Bb
Now it's crumbling into dust and
C          F    C/E
I watch it fall
         Db                     Bbm
It's our one and only (it's our one and only)
    Cm        Cm
Irreplaceable dream
    Fsus4      Fsus4 F F
Our whole world
Dm C Bb F Asus4 A
Reaching out my hand
For that burning light
                A                    D     A/C#
Wanting nothing more than to hold it close
        Bm                      G
It once shone so bright, but it disappeared
A            Bbdim
Leaving only hope
More than happiness
Nothing can compare
       A                  F#         G
To the dream that you had left me to hold
            F#m     Bm
Now without looking back
       C#dim          Bm   A
Taking my first step alone
G         F#m
I'll only look ahead
        F#            Bm  A
Walking forward on my own
G           F#m
Keeping the flame within
   F#                   Bm    A
My heart always burning bright
Until I find
     A         Bm
That distant future
A   G  D
Bm A G A
Am G F C    
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