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In A Lifetime Chords

Am           Em G  Am
[Verse 1]
G/A     Am  G/A        Am     G
Hard to tell  or recog-nise a sign 
   F      G       Em          Am   G/A
To see me through   a warning sign 
Dm7        Gm
  First the thunder 
      Am7          Bbmaj7  Am7      Dm
Satis-fied, if the past it will not lie  
    Gm7            Am7   Bbmaj7  Am
(torn asunder)       (in the storm) 
The future you and I get blown a-way
in a lifetime  in a lifetime
[Verse 2]
    G/A    Am      G/A
And as the rain it falls 
        Am   G
Begin a-gain,  (heavy in my heart) 
       F            G/B
as the storm breaks through
       Em7             Am
(believe the light in you) 
So the light shines in you
Dm7       Gm7    Am7       Bbmaj7  Am
  Without color, faded and worn 
Dm7      Gm7    Am7        Bbmaj7
  Torn a-sunder     in the storm 
Am   G    F   G   x2
   Dm7  Gm7           Am7             Bbmaj7
Un-less the sound has faded from your soul 
Dm7  Gm7  Am7       Bbmaj7
  un-less it disap-pears 
Dm7         Gm7        Am7          Bbmaj7
 (first the thunder)      (then the storm)
selfish storm       hold on the inside
Dm7       Gm7   Am7          Bbmaj7
 (torn as-under) 
 one life       in the storm
In a lifetime, in a lifetime

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