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Interlude Chords

C                               Cmaj7
Baby, you’ve been acting so crazy
Like I ain’t still your baby
                  F        Fm
Well, you’re a damn fool
It’s like your heart’s 

in this constant eclipse
You can’t decide, I don’t got 
time for this, ooh woah
       G#dim              G/B
And I tried to keep my cool
       Edim                F
And not go too crazy on you
You’re sad and curve my emotions
I won’t cry you another ocean
   G#dim                     G/B
My mind was yours to lose
   Edim                         F
No lie, that’s all I would do
Would you do that shit for me too?
C                           G/B
Baby, I just wanna be someone
   Am                                   C#dim      Dm
But I don’t wanna just be someone to you
   C                           G
Only you, I’m not for you (2x)
        C       Emaj7 Am C#dim Dm Am G
For you, yeah    
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