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Jubilee Street Chords

‣ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Jubilee Street
Capo 1 (C#)
[Verse 1]
C   A                         G          E
On Jubilee street there was a girl named Bee
C         A                G      E
She had a history, but she had no past
C                           A
When they shut her down the Russians moved in
             G              E
Now I am too scared to even walk on past
She used to say:
    C                          A
All those good people down on Jubilee Street
              G                  E
They ought to practice what they preach
[Verse 2]
But here I come up the hill
  A          G       E
 pushing my wheel of love
      C                      A
I got love in my tummy and a tiny little pain
      G                        E
And a ten ton catastrophe on a 60 pound chain
 C          A                G       E
 pushing my wheel of love up Jubilee Streets
[Verse 3]
    C                      A
The problem was she had a little black book
                G                E
And my name was written on every page
 C              A
 A girl's gotta make ends meet
        G       E
Even on Jubilee Street
I was out of place and time, 
 and over the hill, and  out of my mind
    G      E
On Jubilee Street
  C            A        G      E
I oughta  have practice what I preach
       C                       A
These days I go downtown in my tie and tails
         G             E
I got a foetus on the leash
[Verse 4]
     C                A
I am alone now, I am beyond recriminations
   G         E       C
Curtains are shut,  furniture has gone
      A                   G   E         C
I am transforming, I am vibrating, I am glowing
     A       G          E        C   A   G   E
I am flying, look at me now

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