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Let This Go Chords

Maybe it just makes me scared
Maybe I don't think you care
Gb6 Gbaug
ooh mmm
So I'll tell you what you wanna hear
And I'll sugarcoat the way I feel
Gb6  Gbaug
ooh mmm
[Pre Chorus]
Gb             Gb/F
I'm so good at telling lies
     Gb/E         Gb/Eb
Even I believe me half the time
I worked so hard at blending in
I don't feel at home in my own skin
         Gb                  Gb/F
Though I forged and fostered my facade
  Gb/E                    Gb/Eb
I don't feel great when I nod along
Think maybe I should let you know
So maybe I can let this go
Gb Gb/F Gb/E Gb/Eb
Here we are, I’ve
Gb   Gb/F  Gb/E Gb/Eb
Kept face, kept quiet
   Gb            Gb/F        Gb/E       B
Of course I feel low feeling everything alone
           D                     Dm
Think I'll let you know so I can let this go    
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