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Long Kesh Chords

Long Kesh
 G                     C        G
There's a place just outside Lisburn
                      C       G
It's a place that's known to few
          C             G
Where a group of Irish rebels
    C          D        G
Are held by Faulkner's crew
                     C       G
They are forced to live in cages
                  C      G
Like the inmates of Bellevue
                  C  G
But the sperit of 1916
             D          G
Will always see them through
   G             C      G
The men in this vile place
                C        G
They come from far and near
        C             G
Some from the Derry Bogside
    C        D      G
And Omagh town so near
              C          G
And some of them from Belfast
             C            G
From the markets and the Falls
                  C          G
From the narrow streets of Ardoyne
            D       G
And all around Tyrone
  G        C          G
On that black day in August
                C          G
When Faulkner showed his hand
    C                 G
He thought that by internment
         C            D      G
He could break our gallant band
                  C        G
But the boys from Ballymurphy
                    C         G
How they showed the way that night
                        C         G
How they thaught those English soldiers
           D          G
How Irish men could fight
 G                C       G
Long Kesh it's known to everyone
            C        G
The system must be broke
 C                     G
Ardoyne the New Lodge and the Falls
      C       D       G
Will see the system choke
              C      G
No more the special powers act
            C       G
The means will envoke
                   C      G
And Long Kesh will be the U stone
                D      G
Of which the system's broke
 G          C      G
A word now Irish people
            C        G
No matter where you are
  C               G
Remember our brave rebels
   C       D      G
In Long Kesh this year
               C      G
And by civil disobeience
          C   G
Or any other way
               C      G
We'll make a stand until the day
              D      C  G
Each one of them are free

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