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Look Away Chords

Capo 4
Intro: G D G
G                        D
I’ve got an angel that’s followin’ me
      C                   G
She’s watchin’ wherever I go
G                         D
But I’ve done a lot that she just shouldn’t see
            C                          G
And there’s things I don’t want her to know
   Em                G
So look away, little angel
          D                          G
Hide your eyes from the trouble I’ve sewn
        Em                         G
Cause I might take a ride with the devil tonight
      D                          C
And I don’t think that you outta go
Oh, no
Now I’m not sayin’, that I proud of my ways
And I’m sure that you’ve seen worse before
But lately I’ve been just dyin’ to see
What’s hidin’ behind that door
C      D
   The drugs and the drinkin’
Has got me to thinkin’
        G                             D
I can’t win, with the cards that I’ve drawn
Now it’s tough to say
But I know that it’s true
         Em           D       C      G
This has gone on, for way too long
They’ll come a time when when you’ll realize
That you’ve gotten in over your head
When you find yourself with no angel in sight
You’ll be wishin’ that you never sinned
D         Em               C         G
Nooooo, I don’t think that you outta go X2
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