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Lord Franklin Chords

D                              G
I was homeward bound one night on the deep
Em                         A
Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep
     D                     G         D
I dreamed a dream and I thought it true
Em            A               G      D      G
Concerning Franklin and his gallant crew
D                           G
With a hundred seamen he sailed away
Em                         A
O'er frozen oceans in the month of May
D                     G        D
To seek a passage around the pole
Em              A           G        D      G
Where we poor seamen must sometimes go
D                              G
Through cruel hardships they mainly strove
Em                          A
Their ship on mountains of ice was drove
D                         G     D
Only the Eskimo with his skin canoe
Em            A        G           D      G
Was the only one that ever came through
D                           G
In Baffin's Bay where the whale fishes blow
Em                       A
The fate of Franklin no man may know
D                          G        D
The fate of Franklin no tongue can tell
Em               A               G          D      G
Lord Franklin alone with his sailors does dwell
D                     G
And now my burden it gives me pain
Em                                  A
For my long lost Franklin I would cross the main
D                            G      D
Ten thousand pounds would I freely give
Em          A               G         D     G    D
To say on earth that my Franklin does live
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