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Mean Ol Moon Chords

Bb Bdim7 Cm7 Gm F
Bb          G7
Mean ol’ moon
  Cm        F
It must be fun
Bb        Bb7
To shine upon me
     D#maj7   C7sus4
As I come undone
    Gm       D
Til I’m all alone
  Bb        Cm9
Beneath the sun
Fsus4 F       Bb G7 Cm F
You mean ol’ moon
Bb        G7
With your beam
    Cm        F
You led the way
Bb          Bb7
And found me love I thought was
D#maj7   C7sus4
Here to stay
      Gm           D
Then you went and took
    Bb    Cm9
My love away
Fsus4 F         Bb
You mean ol’ moon
        E7       A     Dm
Oh you mean ol’ stars above
    C              A         Dm
The games that you play with me
   G                      Em A
I could find some happiness
Dm            G            C  C/D
If all of my nights were cloudy
Bb       G7
Mean ol’ moon
  Cm        F
I hope it’s true
Bb            Bb7
You’re taking all the light that’s
D#maj7   C7sus4
Left in you
    Gm        D
And saving it up 
    Bb       Cm9
For you know who
Fsus4 F      Bb7 G
You mean ol’ moon
Fsus4 F      Bb/C
You mean ol' moon
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