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Nowhere Fast Chords

F Bb C
F Bb C
When I was a boy
C                       F     Bb
I went running off to school
C           F       C
Went home every evening
Like there was nothing else to do
C                          Bb
One night I looked out my window
C                        Dm    C   Bb
And while the moon was racing past
I sat up there and wondered
Dm    C             F    Bb C
Am I goin' nowhere fast?
F Bb
C                    F
I see the telephone post
C                 F
I watch a sparrow fly
C            Bb     F      Bb
And all the lonely souls know
C                   F
But I just drive on by
Bb C
                          Bb   F
And I think of all the dreams there
C           Am      Dm  C Bb
That never came to pass
And I can't help but wonder
Dm  C             F        Bb C
Hey are we goin' nowhere fast?
          F  Bb C
Nowhere fast
And I don't have an answer
And I don't have a clue
Why people act so crazy
But I guess I'm crazy too
C                   F   Bb C
A little bit crazy too
Bb F C C#m Dm C
           Bb     C
I watch my baby sleeping
It's been a long hard day
         Am       F
And she looks so peaceful
C              F     Bb
Lost in the faraway
C                       Bb
Sometimes I just wanna hold her
C              Am    Dm
And make one moment last
C   Bb    F      Dm
But all I do is wonder
C                         F    Bb
Hey are we goin' nowhere fast?
C        F    C
Nowhere fast
F         Bb
C                      F
Are we goin' nowhere fast?
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