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October Passed Me Chords

C      Em   Am
Hm-mm, hm-mm-hm
C      Em    Am
Hm-mm, hm-mm-hm-mm
[Verse 1]
C          Em               Am    
I keep the letters that you wrote 
Em          C
in a secret place
      Em            Am   Em          C
Every now and then, I go down memory lane
        Em        Am  Em           C
October passed me by just like any month
            Em           Am    
But I still think of the times 
you took the breath out of my
C     Em    Am7
G                 C    Em   Am7 G
You don't have to r----un
[Verse 2]
C           Em                  Am
Yeah, I got bitter when you got cold
    G                         C
And could you really blame me though?
                 Em               Am  G
'Cause I'm still tied up when you go
C              Em      Am7       
You know this song is about you, 
G                 C
who else could it be?
             Em       Am7     
You were the first to make me 

feel like I was
C    Em  Am7
G          C  Em  Am7  G
Just a memory
[Verse 3]
It wasn't all good, yeah, 
it wasn't all pretty
Am7                 G
Lost our grip whilе tryna go steady
C             Em               
Holding on to you like, maybe, 
Am7           G
onе day we'll meet
I met you at the wrong time, 
didn't wanna see
I was busy with the stars, 
you were looking at me
For better or for worse, 
        Em                      Am7
I don't know, but for what it's worth
G                   C     Em  Am7
I made you my whole world
  G                 C     Em  Am7
I made you my whole world
G                C                
Screaming at the top of my lungs, 
  Em           Am7
I love you, my girl
G             C                
Always in the back of my mind, 
Em           Am7    G  C
you'll be my girl
[Instrumental Outro]
C  Em  Am (repeat till end)

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