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Online Love Chords

          C               Em
You only pass through my city
       Am        G        F
Every once in a million seconds on a
F       C
broken clock
        C               Em
Yet we talk like we're living
      Am          G            F
Only miles, only minutes from another 
      F          C
just around the block
      C          Em               Am
As I stare at my screen, shining blue
and green
     F          F       C
All alone in a coffee shop
         C       Em            Am
I can't help but imagine what maybe
could've happened
         F             F       C
If you weren't just an online love

Sometimes I say "Hi" and he, 

like, doesn't answer

Maybe, okay, 

maybe he's just in a bad mood

I think he's just, 

I think he's just going through something


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