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Only You Chords

Capo on 4th fret (B)
[Verse 1]
G                   D       Em
looking from the window of above         
             D     C
its like a story of love       
can you hear me?
G                D     Em
came back only yesterday         
         D     C
moving farther away         
want you near me
C                     D
all i needed was the love you gave
 G                 Em
all i needed for another day
C               D
and all i ever knew 
only you
[Verse 2]
G                  D           Em
sometimes when i think of her name         
         D       C
when its only a game     
and i need you
G               D             Em
listen to the words that you say        
         D           C
gettin' harder to stay     
when i see you
C                      D
All I needed was the love you gave
G                  Em
All I needed for another day
C               D
And all I ever Knew 
only you
[Verse 3]
G              D           Em
this is gonna take a long time       
      D             C
and i wonder whats mine 
G           D
cant take no more
G                 D     Em
wonder if you'll understand             
               D             C
its just the touch of your hand       
         G      D
behind closed door
C D G Em C D G x2

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