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Panicking Gong Chords

[Verse 1]
A                             D
  Usual bag won't hold the usual weight
A                             D
  Yours need mine as mine do yours
A                                 D
  What's that sound only your ears can make
A                            D
  Every tongue is tumbling toward
Em           D    Em                D
   Panicking gong, still singing along
[Verse 2]
A                     D
Blowing off in the high reeds
A                                   D
  Dreams dream of dreaming you and I
A                        D
  Buried mountain on a mustard seed
A                                         D
The ground believes the question on the sky
Em           D
Dug up bugs, dug up streams
Em                       D
      In between what's underneath
    A    D       Em      D
Our wild flowers,   wild geese
A   D        Em   D
Old answers, lost teeth
Of the panicking gong
D          A
     The panicking gong
D          A
     The panicking gong
D          A             D
     The panicking gong
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