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Paranoia Purple Chords

[Verse 1]
G        Cm       Ab       Eb
Tell me, will you leave me lonely
Bb                           Cm
On and on and on, I know you told me
The most important reason why
       Am          G               C
You'll color in as many lines as I need you
G        Cm      Ab      Eb
Tell me, when we have no money
And the sirens start their calling, you say
Ab                Gb
Slow down, slow down
         A    E
Come on, slow down
         F        A               E
And this paranoia purple turns to green
     F            A            E
And nothing is as simple as it seems
        F           A     Adim7   Am
What's happening to me?
[Verse 2]
G        Cm      Ab      Eb
Say now, when my life is over
          Bb           G7             Cm
Will you find somebody good enough to hold ya?
Someone like my Abigail
    Am7             G                 C
To tell you all is good and well like me now
G          Cm      Ab    Eb
Say now, I feel my color show how
Bb                                 Ab
I think it's almost time for me to go now
Gb         A  E    B E
Go now,    go now
         F        A               E
But this paranoia purple turns to gray
    F                    A             E
And all that's good and well, it melts away
   F            Adim7  Am   A
Until we meet again
Dm  Bb   F     C
Dm  Bb   F     C
Dm  Bb   F     C
Dm  Bb   F
    C           Dm               Bb   F      C
Oh, how could I forgеt about you now? N------ow
Dm             Bb            F    C
How could I forget about you now? Now…
Dm      Bb     F    C
                    Forget About You
Dm      Bb
F       C
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