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Paranoid Chords

‣ Black Sabbath
E                                D                G    D   E
finished with my women coz she couldn't help me with my mind
E                             D         G   D   E
people think im insane coz im frowning all the time
E  C  D  E  strum once only
E                                  D               G   D   E
All day long i think of things but nothing seems to satisfy
E                                D                G  D  E
think'll lose my mind if i don't find somthing to pacify
E  C  D  E  strum once only
E                            D              G   D    E
i need somone to show me the things in life i can't find
E                                     D           G     D   E
i can't see the things that make true happyness i must be blind
E                               D                  G  D  E
Make a joke and i will sigh and you will laugh and i will cry
E                           D             G  D   E
happyness i cannot feel and love to me is so unreal
E  C  D  E  

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