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Premonition Chords

Capo on 2nd fret (Bm)
|Am  |C G |
|Am  |C G |
|Am  |C G |
|Am  |C G |
[Verse 1]
Am                 C  G
 Terlingua and the ocotillo
Am                    C       G
 Border line with the twisted spine
Am                      C           G
 Swear I saw you in the milk of the moonlight
Am                    C      G
 Brother hazard meets sister sky
[Verse 2]
Am                  C          G
 Said it all in the breath you exhale
Am              C      G
 Said into your cup of wine
Am              C    G
 Red ripple’s a premonition
Am               C         G
 Let it linger behind your eyes
Am  C G
Am  C G
Am  C G
Am  C G
[Verse 3]
Am                       C           G
 Now there’s fear in the eyes of the mother
Am                          C     G
 Still coursing through her every vein
Am                 C      G
 Car people by the waters rising
Am            C     G
 Watch it all wash away
[Verse 4]
Oh honey can you feel my fortune
All rise and fall my chest
Been dipped in the milk of a mother
Now the wild wind blows us west

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