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Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor Chords

Capo: 1

| D             | A             |
[Verse 1]
      D                             A
While walkin' through the woods not far from town,
  A                          D
I got real shook, I heard the strangest sound.
          D                          A
I saw the Purple People Eater and to my surprise
A                          D
  the Witch Doctor sittin' by his side.
[Verse 2]
    D                         A
The Witch Doctor had a little guitar in his hand
              A                            D
and they were boppin' and a-rockin' with a two-piece band.
D                           A
Purple was a-blowin' like a People Eater should,
A                        D
Witch Doctor picked like Johnny B. Good.
             G  D  G  D
There went-a       ooh-ee,
          G  D         E           A
ooh-ah-ah    Ting-tang Walla-walla-ding-dang
[Verse 3]
     D                            A
"Oh, Doc I got troubles" that's a-what he said,
 A                               D
"Girls keep a-laughin' 'bout the horn in my head".
    D                         A
The Witch Doctor smiled and I   heard him say
       A                    D
"Yeah, man, ya ugly but you sure can play".
[Verse 4]
D                         A
There in the moonlight it seemed so strange
        A                     D
as they   blowed a chorus of "Home On The Range".
          D                       A
They were comin' in strong like a rock 'n' roll stars,
A                         D
made the sweetest music a-this side of Mars.
            G  D  G   D
They went-a       Ooh-ee
          G  D        E           A
Ting-tang   Ooh-ah-ah Walla-walla-ding-dang.
[Verse 5]
      D                          A
These cats from outer space were givin' their all
and I could tell the way 
they rocked that they were havin' a ball.
          D                       A
They were comin' on strong, I was clappin' my hands,
A                           D*
stopped long enough to say "Crazy, man!"
[Verse 6]
       D                      A
So, at twilight time when the sun go down,
A                        D
back in the woods on the edge of town
D                          A
people all a-gather from a-miles around
        A                           D
to hear Doc and ol' Purple play the crazy sounds.
        G   D      G   D
They go ooh-ee (Oh yeah)
G         D         E           A
Ooh-ah-ah Ting-tang Walla-walla-ding-dang
G            D        G       D
One more time
G            D        E   A   D  D  D 
And your sick, sick, sick set Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Woo hoo hoo hoo Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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