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Raglan Road Chords

[Verse 1]
    D                        G
On  Raglan Road of an Autumn day,
  D       G           D      
I saw her first and I knew.
     G                   D       Bm
That her dark hair would weave a snare,
     D               A     
that I might one day rue.
  G              D     Bm
I saw the danger and I passed,
  D                   A     
a-long the en-chanted way.
      D                             G
And I said: "Let grief be a falling leaf,
       D       G      D      
at the dawning of the day."
[Verse 2]
   D                       G
On Grafton Street in Novem-ber,
           D         G        D      
we tripped lightly a-long the ledge.
     G                  D      Bm
Of a deep ra-vine where can be seen,
    D                  A       
the worth of passion's pledge.
    G                     D      Bm
The Queen of Hearts still making tarts,
    D            A     
and I not making hay.
     D                     G
Oh I loved too much and by such,
           D         G        D     
by such is happiness thrown a-way.
[Verse 3]
   D                     G
I  gave her gifts of the mind,
  D            G      D      
I gave her the secret sign.
       G                    D        Bm
That's known to the artists who have known,
         D                 A      
the true Gods of sound and stone.
    G                  D    Bm
And word and tint with-out  stint,
  D                 A     
I gave her poems to say.
     D                                    G
With her own name there and her long dark hair,
     D           G         D     
like clouds over fields of May.
[Verse 4]
     D                             G
On a quiet street where old ghosts meet,
  D       G       D     
I see her walking now.
  G              D       Bm
A-way from me so hurried-ly,
   D              A      
my reason must al-low.
     G                D    Bm
That I have loved not as I should,
  D                A      
a creature made of clay.
         D                         G
When the angel woes the clay he'll lose,
    D            G       D    D
his wings at the dawn of day.

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