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Randy Chords

[Verse 1]
F         G
Oh Randy, leave it up to me
C                          F
I'll pour the water if you bring the tree
F                  G
Nothing looks that real to me
C                       F
I only see two or three colors
[Verse 2]
F                G
Whats it like to breath in?
C                        F
Find a friend and gather with him?
Am                      C
I'm a wolf in a city of women
You only know the light is on
[Verse 3]
F                   G
Will you plant that sycamore baby?
C                           F
I'll watch it grow from the second floor
F                        G
I haven't left the house much lately
C                              F
And you don't come around here anymore
[Verse 4]
F                             G
And all those lovers in their velvet gowns
C                 F
I wanna take that trip uptown
Am                        C
Will you tell them to let me out
When you can see the light is on?
G C Dm F G C F
[Verse 5]
F                  G
Found a horse hair in my food
C                 F
There's a raccoon in my room
F                  G
There are bluejays all in bloom
C                    F
All along the cement floor
[Verse 6]
F                    G
Randy, they say I've gone insane
C                                   F
So could you take me dancing in the pouring rain?
Am                        C
You don't know me but you know my name
Will you say it till the light is gone?
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