Capo 2nd fret
A F#m (x2)
A F#m
G G D D (x2)
F F Am E
[Verse 1: Perfume Genius]
A F#m           A          F#m
      Sometimes you forget
  A F#m           A        F#m
To    just let me in a bit
(Am E) A     F#m
Baby, just -
G                   D
Where do you go sometimes -
G              D
Idle and empty-eyed?
F   Am E     A     F#m
Why still no love?
A F#m
A F#m             A             F#m
      This loop is wearing thin
     A G                 A            F#m
And I      won't be here when it ends
(Am E) A
Baby, trust -
[Verse 2: Weyes Blood]
Amaj7    A
 Lately, baby
F#m                Amaj7
  I've been hiding away
Amaj7                   A
  Don't wanna start our game that we play
F#m   Amaj7
A                            Amaj7
   Baby, if it ain't easy to love me
A                             Amaj7
Baby, cut the cord and set me free
How many times I leave
When I used to stay
Amaj7               A
I'm a fool for the games we play
F#m                           Amaj7 A
   Wish I had the strength to leave
Running free
A million tired things
That you used to say
A                                 Amaj7
 Don't want to watch the world we made break
A                    F#m
 And it's never too late to stay
Hold me right don't cut me down
A Amaj7  F#m  Amaj7  (x2)
[Outro: Perfume Genius and Weyes Blood]
Amaj7 A F#m               Amaj7
   Baby, it ain't easy to love
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