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Silence Chords

[Verse 1]
G                  D
Oh Rosie, Rosie my girl
D                   G                            C
When our embrace is over, all that's left is the world
C                  G                         D
It's a mighty cold town, to be wanderin' around
D                G
Without Rosie my girl
[Verse 2]
G                           D
The floor, is about to give way
D                    G                          C
To the weight of the words, you've been dyin' to say
C                   G                           D
You could save this house, if you'd just say em now
D           G
Oh Rosie my girl
[Verse 3]
G                           D
Well Silence, is mighty big grave
D                      G                        C
And whatever goes down there, is as cold as the clay
C                 G                         D
Won't you keep me warm, tell me what I done wrong
D           G
Oh Rosie my girl
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