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Sweet Lord In Heaven Chords

[Verse 1]
D                                         A
Oh, I have felt Cobain's sarcoma growing on
This will of mine to drag me down into the water
          A              D
The joy I feel before I drown
And the Lord's hand moves on the scheme of my nerves
In the chemicals swimming and the substance of the earth
His love's so great but the soul singers spurn him
   D                       A                D
To sing their love to some unknown reckless girl
[Verse 2]
They sing to great Queen Heroina
            A                   D
The comfort that she warms them with
Their music swells with all their yearning
         A                   D
They are ashamed to sing for him
Who has built these shells that our spirits knock inside
And weep for their release in the onrush of the tide
Of the Lord's great seas that will boil when he returns
   D                             A             D
To pluck us off the face of this sad and dirty world
[Verse 3]
I saw Sam Cooke and Ian Curtis
       A                  D
At the door of His golden realm
They sang His name, sweet Lord in Heaven
             A     G           D A D
And then the Lord, He let them in
* The ending may be
             A     G           D A G D
And then the Lord, He let them in

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