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The Apartment We Won’t Share Chords

Capo 2 (A)

G Bm C G C G Am D
G   Bm       C        G
The apartment we won't share
C             G        Am    D
I wonder what sad wife lives there
G        Bm     C              G
Have the windows deciphered her stares?
       C             G             Am       D
Do the bricks in the walls know to hide the affairs?
    Em          G               C           G
The dog we won't have is now one I would not choose
    C                 G           Am        D
The daughter we won't raise still waits for you
    G      Bm             C          G
The girl I won't be is the one that's yours
  C        G       Am            D
I hope you shortly find what you long for
G Bm  C G C G Am D
[Verse 2]
    G              Bm     C        G
Two years and some change, isn't it strange?
         C            G            Am          D
You're a full-fledged socialist, I go by a new name
    G                Bm   C             G
The filthy joke that won't burrow in the corner
        C              G                  D
Of your smirking lips, I mourn it to this day
    Em            G          C        G
The story we won't tell is my greatest fantasy
    C               G          Am            D
The passion I won't feel again isn't lost on me
    Em           G             C                 G
The son you never wanted is the wound your father left
        C              G     Am               D
And the mother I won't be is probably for the best
     G              Bm               C              G
Your demons I won't meet, now someone else's word to keep
               F             A#
I'm sure she's beautiful and sweet
Not what I wanted
D           G
But what we need
G Bm C G C G Am D

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