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The Dawning Of The Day Chords

C G F  C F C
    C             G      F
One morning early I went out
       C        F       C
On the shore of Lough Leinn
    F              C
The leafy trees of summertime,
        Am        F      G
And the warm rays of the sun,
   F          C
As I wandered through the townlands,
        Am       C      G
And the luscious grassy plains,
           C            G         F
Who should I meet but a beautiful maid,
       C       F      C
At the dawning of the day.
   C                 G      F
No cap or cloak this maiden wore
    C        F         C
Her neck and feet were bare
F                    C
Down to the grass in ringlets fell
    Am     F      G
Her glossy golden hair
  F                C
A milking pail was in her hand
        Am      C         G
She was lovely, young and gay
    C                    G        F
Her beauty excelled even Helen of Troy
       C       F      C
At the dawning of the day.
On a mossy bank I sat me down
With the maiden by my side
With gentle words I courted her
And asked her to be my bride
She turned and said, "Please go away,"
Then went on down the way
And the morning light was shining bright
At the dawning of the day.
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