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The End Chords

Capo 3(Key: Eb)

C   C   C   C
 C       C/B   Am
Early fall painted red
 C       C/B   Am
Broken foal put to bed
  F           Dm
Bitter words against the sun
 F                 Dm             Am
Before a night that soon will never come, oh no
 C         C/B    Am
Now the moon tucks me in
 C         C/B     Am
It sings about my every sin
  F                  Dm
The devil’s tail a turn apart
 Em                           Dm
Heaven’s just a walk in hell away in all
 Dm           C  Dm
To live is to fall
 Dm               C  Dm
And what would if I knew
 Dm               C  Dm
Then what would I know?
  C        C/B   Am
Winter night turning blue
  C          C/B   Am
My eyes adjust to seeing you
 F                 Dm
Shadows take what light has fled
 F                Dm        Am
A candle lit is hanging by a thread, oh no
 C          Em
It isn’t the end
 C          Em
As the wind whispered
 F             Am
As the rain doesn’t fall
As I wait another spring
  Dm         Dm6  D7sus2     Dm6
And sing to find   a gift to give
  Dm      Dm6  D7sus2     Dm6
A hand to take beyond the bend
  Am       Dm
A mend to meet my end
 Dm         C  Dm
and what If I knew
 Dm             C  Dm
Then what would I know
 Dm           C  Dm
To live is to fall.
C   Am   C   Am
F   Dm   F   Dm
C   Am   C   Am
F   Dm   F   Dm   Am
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